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zu Verkaufen: Fulltone Choralflange - Chorus Flanger Effekt

BeitragVerfasst: 26.12.2012 (23:13)
von TNC
Zum Verkauf steht dieser Choralflange aus dem Hause Fulltone
Verkaufspreis: 279 Euro


Der Zustand sehr gut, und funtkioniert auch technisch einwandfrei

der Choralflange ist ein sehr gut klingender Chorus / Flanger der vielseitg einsetzbar ist.
Wie gewohnt von Fulltone die typische 1A Qualität

Guitarists and Bassists, your search for the ultimate analog modulation pedal has ended.... this is the real thing, not a sterile Digital or "Modelling" sound! The FLANGING is amazing! Very musical and very reminiscent of "House Burning Down" and "High Landrons." And without a bunch of noise... in ((STEREO)) too.

The CHORUS is wide ranging, getting everything from thick pitch-bent vibrato'd vintage CE-1 style sounds to very transparent splits, but without the sterility of the popular hi-end choruses. And there's more headroom so that there isn't any input overload distortion if you use heavy strings (like me) or play bass. This thing does great Leslie simulations as well, in both stereo and mono operation.

Features include:

Delay Time knob allowing for subtle or wildly detuned chorus/Vibratos.
Mix knob for balancing between Effected and straight Guitar/Bass signals
Depth knob for effect Intensity and thickness.
Rate knob with LED indicator for a visual to match with song tempo...doubles as.
External trimmer for Gain, and mini-toggleswitch for Range (1 or 2 Octave sweep) and Function (selects between Chorus or Flanger).

Kommt inkl Originalverpackung

Versand innerhalb Österreich und Deutschland: 6,90 Euro
restliches Europa: 13,90 Euro

Abholung natürlich auch möglich, im Raum Salzburg / Österreich