10.11.13 Phonophon, Bruzgynai,Oorchach, Daina Dieva FFM

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10.11.13 Phonophon, Bruzgynai,Oorchach, Daina Dieva FFM

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Sonntag 10.11.2013
Phonophon - Eine Veranstaltungreihe des Vereins zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik e.V.


Institut für neue Medien (INM),Schmickstraße 18, 60314 Frankfurt
Einlass 20:00, Beginn 20:30 - Eintritt: 5 Euro

Bruzgynai (LT)
Bruzgynai is a drone / noise project from Lithuania established in 2007, working mainly as a “live” project, doing unique performances using body, vintage Soviet Union gear, field recordings and various objects. Bruzgynai means eng. "bush", so it reflects the feeling of crossing the bush - extreme, hard and challenging. Bruzgynai connects noise forms with after-noise calmness. The founder – Arma is also running Agharta label (http://www.arma.lt), releasing exp./noise/ambient tapes and doing regular gigs for such music in Lithuania.

Daina Dieva (LT)

Oorchach (LT)
Oorchach is a one-man music project from the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius. A person behind this project, Povilas, was involved into different experimental acts, until in the year 2006 the idea of Oorchach crystalized – to play music with strong atavistic, archaic influences, avoiding various stylistic and ideological taboos. The project have played in different concerts at homeland and a little bit abroad, including Latvia, Netherlands and Germany. Live acts of Oorchach tends to be each time different – even the same „programme“ is a little bit changed, fueled by belief of „happening now“. Two Cds - „Prisimerkti“ (2006, Autarkeia) and „Chtonikka“ (2008, Autarkeia) was released, as well as split tape and solo tape „Vigilia“ (2012, Terror).


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