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7:30 - 8:00 DJ Set (Mostly Ambient Style)
8:00 - 9:00 A Strange Hour Radio Special Edit

Running time : 58.16 minutes
Stereo mix : Alan Wilder & Paul Kendall
Editing : Peter Bek | Alan Wilder


Recoil music excerpts :

Want, Allelujah,The Killing Ground, Black Box, Electro Blues For Bukka White, Stalker, Faith Healer, Shunt, Jezebel, Edge To Life, Incubus

Additional excerpts :

To Shape The Future (Optical), Never Let Me Down Again, In Your Room, Walking In My Shoes, Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode), Uranokemia (Pan Sonic), Warm Leatherette (The Normal), Fundamental (Sasha), Are Friends Electric? (Tubeway Army)

‘A Strange Hour’ was presented during 2010 & 2011 in 52 cities across the world as part of the ‘Selected Events’ tour to celebrate 25 years of the Recoil project.

"2010’s ‘Selected’ collection is made up of my personal favourites, remastered and edited together into what I consider a cohesive and total listening experience. The idea to take the project out on the road evolved as we started discussing promotion and I realised that I wanted to do something more challenging this time. The events were not so much ‘live’ band but more art installation. Paul and I just extended what we do in the studio into the live setting where we added spontaneous effects and extra parts to a pre-prepared bedrock. The music is comprised of stripped down, edited sections from many Recoil remixes and alternative versions, combined so that what we end up with is recognisably Recoil but doesn't necessarily sound like what you hear on the studio versions. We spent most of 2010 & 2011 bringing 'A Strange Hour' to a worldwide live audience for the very first time.

My aim is for the listener to be drawn in over a period of time - to be transported to a special place - and the only way I could think to present this visually was to actually commission some kind of film. That is when I turned to various people who have all expressed interest in this area before. I’m proud that I managed to gather together filmmakers from as far as Russia, via the Czech Republic and Hungary, all the way to Argentina for this purpose! We worked very fast, and in the modern way, by creating a central server where everybody could upload their work for others to see, react to and feedback on. This for me typifies the whole essence of what Recoil is all about - a collective but with a focused direction - and a very thrilling process it was too, watching and hearing ’A Strange Hour’ come together from our base in the UK.

Finally, in 2012, a concert film - ‘A Strange Hour In Budapest’ - was released. The second Budapest presentation and last of 2010 was held in the beautiful newly-renovated Szikra venue. To celebrate this end of year special show we decided to install an extra large fully professional cinema screen and projector. The screen measured a giant 8 x 5 meters and covered the entire stage area. The film, directed by Attila Herkó, was shot using the latest HD technology, with full 5.1 surround sound. I think you will agree Attila’s movie is stunning and offers a captivating and exhilarating document of ‘A Strange Hour’."

Alan Wilder

Start 7:30 pm CET @ Radio Decoder
Tune in:
Infos: http://www.radio-decoder.de/
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