Flying Bodies + Sololust 12 inches

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Flying Bodies + Sololust 12 inches

Beitragvon M » 08.01.2013 (11:23)

Sololust & Flying Bodies 12 inches

Expected mid February are two 12 inches in the Gooiland Elektro series...
this series started last year with the Les Années Folles compilation...
now it is time for a 12 inch by Sololust and one by Flying Bodies...

Sololust delivers a six track EP with moody and spacious electronics with
influences from EBM to elektro and ambient...

A full track preview is here: ... t-ive-seen

Flying Bodies are Beta Evers and Charles Kent... both from Kommando 6
fame... dark minimal elektro...

A full track preview is here: ... ransformer

Also see here for more infos and sound samples for both releases:

Please note... both releases are limited to 150 copies only... sold out =
gone forever... the records are now online in the ET webshop for
pre-order... see here:
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