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Tietchens/Zander Box Set

Beitragvon kubu » 28.01.2013 (19:51)

aufabwegen release info:
cd-audio box set
order no.: aatp34
time: ca. 47:00 min
price: 38 EUR plus postage
CD in LP Box.
One track: https://soundcloud.com/aufabwegen/asmus ... arpenbek-1

Box includes: 12 high quality colour prints reproducing etchings by visual artist Rolf Zander – each image corresponds to a track on the CD. Plus: three further text prints with notes by Rolf Zander about the composition of
the etchings. Plus a numbered text sheet with an essay on the project by Kai U. Juergens and track title info/credits.
Handnumbered on the text sheet and box, 300 copies.
There is also an ART EDITION of 30 copies including one each an original artwork (etching) by Rolf Zander, numbered and signed by the artist. Price for the special edition is 120 EUR + postage.

The composer Asmus Tietchens and the visual artist Rolf Zander present a most special project - a cycle of 12 graphical and musical representations dealing with a small river (Tarpenbek) in northern Germany. The cycle of
original etchings by Zander dates back to the years 1975 - 1977, depicting topographical details from the river banks. Tietchens later found a musical form to match these ultra-minimalist images and adding something to them
too. Hence the project is more than setting music to images, it brings together to different artistic perspectives to create a new whole.
from the liner notes by Kai U. Juergens
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Re: Tietchens/Zander Box Set

Beitragvon Psycore@Paranoia » 15.02.2013 (18:46)

interessant danke
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