TBSU/RXAXPXE Split 7inch

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TBSU/RXAXPXE Split 7inch

Beitragvon Pontifx » 27.02.2013 (11:12)

[center]RXAXPXE Split 7" EP with The Black Scorpio Underground is out now!

300 copies on green marbled vinyl.


[center]BLACK SCORPIO UNDERGROUND, THE / RxAxPxE split 7" VINYL (Hate Mail Records)

Here's another slab of evil, diseased electronic noise from The Black Scorpio Underground, here teaming up with the excellent German power electronics outfit RxAxPxEx, one of the heaviest and most hateful newer PE artists that I've been turned on to lately.
I'm really digging the newer death-industrial style material that The Black Scorpio Underground has been bringing us on their recent 7" offerings (another being the split with The Vomit Arsonist, also included in this week's new arrivals list). The track "On The Relic" is a noisier piece of industrial chaos compared to some of the more Lustmordian works I've been hearing from them, but this is just as dark and oppressive as any of that stuff. It's a nightmare cacophony of loud, chain-driven torture machinery and blasts of excoriating distortion, evil orchestral sounds drifting across the background alongside screams of terror and more monstrous, inhuman vocalizations, and even some vaguely black metallish elements that are buried deep in the churning graveyard murk. Definitely one of the blackest BSU tracks we've heard - be sure to crank this with the lights out.
Although the German power electronics project RxAxPxE has been around since 2005, this is the first time I've heard anything from 'em. "His Return" turns out to be supremely heavy, and almost ventures into straight-up black industrial territory with it's combination of crushing metallic percussion, squealing high-end dentist drill drones, filthy atmospherics and monstrous vocalizations. The percussive elements are ridiculously heavy, with a pneumatic pounding layered with a jackhammer like rhythm that gives this sort of an industrial metal feel, and reminds me of some of the more bone-crushing material that I've heard from the industrial band Gnawed. And it's all offered up in homage to the Goat...


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