[VOWHO009] Wardrobe Memories - The Mean

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[VOWHO009] Wardrobe Memories - The Mean

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Wardrobe Memories has been around since 1999 - serving Drones and melodic dark ambient on CD-R, vinyl and Cassette.
After releases on Dhyana Records, EE Tapes and several other hard-to-purchase longplayers, sparsely spread in very limited runs, a new LP on shhhh records appeared in 2011 with foggy soundtracks and subtle beats.
Now after 2 years (and almost one year in the making) the new album by Wardrobe Memories appears with a green C-50 audio cassette on Voluntary Whores, strictly limited to 48 copies.
"The Mean" can be described as the most sophisticated work by Wardrobe Memories to date, serving 14 soundtrack-songs for a never released steampunk-darkfuture-movie. Wardrobe Memories has always been a soundtrack-project - and this release points it out more clearly than ever

Release comes with a futuristic object and oversized printed artwork.

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