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Gooiland Elektro comp feat. Drvg Cvltvre,Ekman+Saralunden EP

BeitragVerfasst: 25.11.2013 (23:08)
von M
Compilation and Saralunden on Gooiland Elektro

Coming early December are the last releases of the year on Gooiland Elektro… Saralunden and the Club Funny Horse compilation…

Club Funny Horse is the second Gooiland Elektro compilation with a focus on dark techno / darkrave… featuring Drvg Cvltvre, Ekman, Cute Heels and Marburg…

Here you can listen to a track by Cute Heels from the compilation: ... ce-complot

And here is the Drvg Cvltvre track: ... -year-zero

Saralunden proves to be a dismal disco star... stripped down and dark dirty disco with references to italo and new wave…

Here you can listen to a full track from the record: ... estive-boy

And here is another track from the EP: ... den-hug-me

Infos and sound previews of all records are here:

Re: Gooiland Elektro comp feat. Drvg Cvltvre,Ekman+Saralunde

BeitragVerfasst: 04.12.2013 (15:53)
von M
both records are... OUT NOW!