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soon/now: Kaval, Niedowierzanie, new compilation

BeitragVerfasst: 17.06.2014 (21:44)
von M
Expected at the end of June on the new Enfant Terrible label called Vrystaete will be an album by Dutch psych/ambient duo Kaval and an album by French new folk musician Niedowierzanie.

Kaval playes beautiful soothing and adventurous electronic music with a touch of dark jazz and a shoegaze feeling to it... spacious light psychedelic ambient stuff...

Niedowierzanie brings a new album filled with music inspired by the French and mediterranean folklore traditions... electronics and contemporary elements mixed with traditional instruments...

Both are expected to be ready in the last week of June... here are two full track previews:

Also check the Vrystaete website for more sound previews:

Both albums are ultra limited to 150 copies with handmade artwork / artprints.

And… out now is a new compilation tape called “Post-everything” with adventurous and experimental music by the likes of Former Descent vs Sololust, Europ Europ, FOQL, Neugeborene Nachtmusik and Good Cop/Naughty Cop… about half of the edition is only available at the ET event in Berlin on 28th of June… the others are for sale… but I only very few are left at ET HQ…

See /listen here:

You can find these and many other releases from various independent labels in the ET webshop:

Re: soon/now: Kaval, Niedowierzanie, new compilation

BeitragVerfasst: 10.07.2014 (15:22)
von M
OUT NOW and available directly through ET and the usual (web)shops....