mad[GFB] - Lord Lloigor Tribute Mix (Schnellkern)

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mad[GFB] - Lord Lloigor Tribute Mix (Schnellkern)

Beitragvon Psycore@Paranoia » 25.12.2012 (19:09)

This was recorded at the second Blow Boredom 21 Jul 2007, which took place in what continues to be one of the most tightly yuppie-controlled districts in Berlin. Responsible for an overdue fresh breeze of air were Mark N, Epsilon (first ever gig in Germany), Maladroit, Princo, mad[GFB] and Tachyon, among others. You could say it was Australia/Bloody Fist Records meets Germany/United Speedcore Nation, but with no-nonsense new tunes, of course.

Wet dreams come true, for mad[GFB]'s set combines the essential Lord Lloigor with a host of new and old speedcore anthems. One for the ages.
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