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[Chase Mix 014] The Industrialism - Hallucinations

BeitragVerfasst: 27.12.2012 (18:26)
von Psycore@Paranoia

[Chase Mix 014] The Industrialism : “Hallucinations – Live In Hongdae, South Korea”

For this 14th set released in the Chase Mix section, I’m pleased to share with you this Liveset by The Industrialism. During these 54 minutes the listener will travel through the artist universe : a great mixture of Breakcore and IDM, surrounded by tearful melodies and melancholic atmospheres but still keeping a danceable and head banging flavour. This set mostly gathers The Industrialism own tracks, some of them come from the “Inconsequential Hallucinations” album, released last year on Chase HS 06, some are new and unreleased. This set also contains remixes The Industrialism did for other artists and few tracks from big names of the Breakcore scene. Enjoy!

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[Chase Mix 14] The Industrialism : “Hallucinations – Live In Hongdae, South Korea” [MP3 320 kbps – Incl. Artwork]
... outh-korea
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