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Concerts in July..?

BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2009 (16:18)
von electro funker

Together with a friend or two, I/we have been thinking about touring Germany this summer, proberly from the start of July and to the start/mid og August. But the problem is, that we don't have any places to play right now. So we want to play everywhere in Germany bars, flats, venues, parks etc. please send me a pm or reply here.

The only things, that we are demanding for playing, 1) some kind of Speaker system 2) a place to stay/sleep 3) and maybe some food.

If you want to know what kind of music we play, ha ha, we don't know yet. But it will proberly be a mix up of eksperimental, noise, maybe some wild basslines and electro-acustic stuff.

Try; (this is my project only)

See this as an eksperiment, with some Danish guys who want to play some sound for you! So if I have posted this post in a wrong place, please let me know. And if you somebody that might could been interested in having a gig in their flat, write me. :)



BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2009 (17:00)
von Al.Machine.O
Sounds good.
I`ll check out our eventcalendar for summertime and talk with our eventmanager. I`m planning a little noise-event with very low costs and some amateur-acts like me.

Our location is the "Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz" in Dresden. I`ll call you in few days.


BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2009 (18:20)
von Al.Machine.O
possible: july 18

i`ll check some contacts in leipzig and chemnitz, where you could play the days before/after.

BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2009 (22:29)
von =H[a]µ/N?~Z=
Al.Machine.O hat geschrieben:... and talk with our eventmanager.

C.|d. - your hierarchically structured *dolf* professional partner!

BeitragVerfasst: 10.02.2009 (22:37)
von Al.Machine.O
der club|debil ist eine sache, der soziokulturelle kunst- und kulturverein alte feuerwache loschwitz eine andere.

also erst denken, dann mit der "nazikeule" schwenken.

BeitragVerfasst: 11.02.2009 (12:42)
von electro funker
Al.Machine.O hat geschrieben:possible: july 18

i`ll check some contacts in leipzig and chemnitz, where you could play the days before/after.

Yeah, that's cool, good with some more concerts, just try to get as many as possible...! And if you know somebody who want's some concerts in the vest part of germany please contact them!


BeitragVerfasst: 19.05.2009 (9:00)
von Al.Machine.O
Liebe Noise-Freunde in ganz Deutschland!

Ich brauche bittebitte etwas Hilfe.
Habt ihr zufällig eine Auftrittsmöglichkeit vor oder nach dem 18. Juli `09
für 2-4 dänische Acts?

- Brodre
- satanism around hollywood/dead black arms
- Skiptoothnoise
- Golden Wounds

Hier geht es darum, die auflaufenden Kosten (speziell Reisekosten) gering zu halten, da die Jungs teils mit Auto, teils mit Bahn von DK extra nach Dresden zu unserem Noise-Festival (siehe ->Termine) kommen wollen.

Es wäre sehr hilfreich, umgehend Infos zu erhalten!